Our blueberries and blackberries are grown without use of any herbicides or pesticides. We have about 400 blueberry bushes and 465 blackberry pushes available in our you pick operation. Learn More

Hydroponic Greenhouse at Sunset

Farm Fresh Produce

We grow produce in our greenhouse and garden and will have some available for sale in the farm store coming next spring. (2020) We should also have honey from our beehives, Shiitake mushrooms from our mushroom yard and Tracy’s homemade soap for sale, this year (2019) while supplies last.

Carrying on a Tradition

We both grew up farming with our families and have carried on that tradition, doing things like our grandparents did, whenever possible. We try to be as organic and natural as we can in all our endeavors. More than anything, we work with smiles on our faces because we love what we do.

About Us

We are a small farm operation focused on  maintaining the heritage that our parents and grandparents built as we were growing up. Our hope is that we can pass this on to our grandchildren and keep the legacy going while showing them the enjoyment that accompanies hard work.


The You Pick is now open. We have lots of Blackberries and some Blueberries for sale. We also have our honey, soap, mushrooms and other produce when available. Be sure to like us on FB and follow for updates.